KestrelLogo_crop Dreaming Maremma it’s the new brand of Kestrel Tours dedicated exclusively to the Tuscan Maremma! Come and discover with us the many facets of this wonderful land, rich in history, culture and tradition. A small territory where many pearls are enclosed: crystal clear sea, long beaches or rocks rough, mountains covered by dense forests, lake areas and flat, cultivated green hills and natural thermal zones. Taste Maremma with its dishes, its wines and the products of his land. Discover a fabulous world, visit Maremma!

Kestrel Tours is an operator able to meet the needs of each type of customer and especially to support the most careful agencies in creating “customized trips”.

Technical Director is Daniela Passeri, already Product Manager established and known in the sector, with a wealth of experience gained in 31 years of working alongside great professionals, from which she inherited a versatility very difficult to find today on the market.

Her sales team, accustomed to follow her and support her for many years at one of the most important Italian Tuor operators, has extensive experience providing both on the destinations that the relationship with the travel agencies. The products are all packed with the help of partners chosen especially for their great competence, with staff able to respond on-site to all customer needs.

Historical destinations that distinguish kestrel staff are the famous tourist destinations on your honeymoon and all those who wish relax in the most beautiful seas in the world as Mauritius, the Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Also a deep knowledge of the South African territory (included Botswana and Zimbabwe) make the kestrel tours a wonderful experience for anyone looking to discover unique emotions. These add our beloved land: Maremma!